New Playlist: Archiving – Vegan vs. Carnist Debate


Earthling Ed vs. InfoWars – See what they included & cut out.

InfoWars reporter goes to slaughterhouse vigil to make heavily quote mined conspiracy video and bumps into vegan street advocate Earthling Ed. Mind-numbingly stupid debate ensues. Almost as bad as the time socialist podcaster trolls infowars reporter when she proposes eating the rich.

See full debate here.


Matt Dillahunty vs. Vegan Gains with a summary from Unnatural Vegan

Vegan Gains makes an ass out of himself trying to corner Dillahunty with Isaac Brown’s ‘name the trait’ consistency test before first understanding the basis of Matt’s philosophy. Attached a video to the end of Unnatural Vegan giving a good argument for why Matt should be open to veganism, basically it helps advance the cause of rationality and secular morality, to not draw an arbitrary line at the level of species.


Vote Milkjar 2018 – “Some people deserve to be raped”

A very disturbed anarcho-primitivist, raw meat idealogue.



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